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Woolloomooloo Bay
Good food, lots of room

2 Bourke Street,

(02) 9357 1177

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peta from elsewhere
all this and still no mention of the live music and what the gigs are like
16 May 2004

Alf from Calgary Ab Canada
As a boy growing up in the 'Loo I sold newspapers to the locals in all pubs for Berry's newsagent. I remember the so called WBH to be the Macquarie Hotel, nick-named the Rock n Roll. That hotel was lively then. Woolloomooloo was a great place to grow up. Change has obviosly killed its spirit. Shame on you Sydney So much history and you destroy it. Progress you say. I can only see regression. Shame, Shame.
16 May 2004

Heath from Melbourne
I drank at the WBH for 3 years 95-98. I went back in 2000 and was disgusted that it had lost it's edge. WBH was an old sailors pub with good food, drinks and live music, I don't know what went wrong but it sucks now.
3 Feb 2004

Karl from Norway
I came here first time in 1964as a sailor. This must be the old Rock and Roll pub ??
31 Dec 2003

terry from gerbie
this place was great what happenened all it is now is a filthy gambling hole shame managers shame
15 Dec 2003

JE from Sydney
And Chris, I'm only guessing but you would say that being the pub owner! Come on!!
28 Nov 2003

JE from Sydney
So I'm interested on what constructive criticisms there may be out there for the WBH staff and management
28 Nov 2003

MM from syd
Hotel policey once it changed hands from Jf to Murphy management group is "Staff are NOT permitted to drink in the hotel when off duty", and as far as I know it hasnt changed. The bar ha sdeffintly gone down hill since 2000, but Bells still rocks. Ps Hopefully WBH have sacked the fag GM he was more trouble than he was worth (pretentious Queen)
22 Nov 2003

brendan from paragon hotel
place has gone downhill since i left,
29 Oct 2003

Craig from Potts Point
I have never worked there, although some nights did seem like hard work. Sunday bands was a great idea, the main reason it didnt work was the WBH only was getting 1 good one and 4 bad so it would never pick up. Conspiracy theory?, I think so......Dont go looking for Agent Orange.
26 Oct 2003

Chris from Glebe
This is what a pub should be. A bit of everything for everyone.
18 Jun 2003

Emma from Redcar England
MR, I did work in the WBH. I moved to Woolloomooloo in June and started drinking in there. At the end of November beginning of December I got a job working behind the bar. So between Nov/Dec until March I did not drink in the WBH instead I spent most of my time in The Bells. I started drinking back in the WBH once I had left the job.
date unknown

Norman from Redacr
MR seems a bit of a smart arse,just read the message.What are you a world authority on barstaff employed by the WBH.If you are check the books or even ask people like Alana from Bells
date unknown

MR from Sydney
Emma did not work here as the staff connot drink at anytime working or not at the hotel!!!
date unknown

Emma from Redcar England
Lived just a couple of roads behind the WBH so I made it my local watering hole along with the Bells Hotel. I ended up working behind the bar in Nov 2000 til March 2001. Made some great mates whilst driking/working in there. The Bay will have a special place in my heart.
date unknown

Norman from Redcar England
Got stuck in the bar gambling my hard earned money on the Horses and Dogs.Good nosh and friendly people.Daughter Emma worked behind the bar.Befriended Ray and his son who appear to be stalwarts of the place. Have one on me chaps.See you in 2003 for Rugby World cup may bring Emma with me. Any chance of a job
date unknown

Martin Randall from England
Found it by accident when just looking for a beer and food one night. Nice atmosphere, welcoming staff and good value food.
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Food: Good Menu, mid-range pricesFood: pool tables upstairsBottle Shop: take outs are available
Outdoor Area: pavement seating available
Our Comments

Jason says:

Gets a surprising amount of daytime trade from the CBD, we're told

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