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Beach Road
An exremely popular spot among locals

71 Beach Road,

(02) 9130 7247

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It's been described as many things. Meat Market is one of them. While it's true the place is packed to the rafters with young, hormonally charged lads and lasses, it's not the all-out prowl-fest you may have expected.

Downstairs has a slightly RSl-esque feel to it, which took me a little while to get used to. It's a big, open room full of tables and packed with a cross-section of Bondi society from the young to the old. On our visit the bar was a little understaffed for the number of people waiting, but the selection of drinks is good. Strangely, while the bar was understaffed, the floor staff seemed to be overstaffed - we had ou ashtray emptied three times in under three minutes (we started timing after the second one).

Upstairs is split into two bars, the back has a cruisy chill-out feeling to it, the Front is larger, louder and more packed with kids, so we retired into the darkness of the back and chatted with the friendly barman about pubs. Turns out he knew something about the renovations currenly going on at The Tilbury in Woolloomoolloo, but not enough for us to run a story, unfortunately. From what I can gather, the Beach Road is owned by the same company, but I was getting a little alcohol-fuelled by this time, so we rocked on. If you're a local, it's a great spot. If you're on the prowl, it's also a great spot. If you want a quiet beer and a game of pool, maybe you shouldn't go at weekends!
review by: pubguide staff

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Debs from London
Great pub downstairs, funky bar upstairs, and gorgeous food to boot. If you are too tired to get back home stay in one of the rooms on the top floor. I had a brill time there for a couple of days. Would highly recommend it to anyone. The cute Aussie boys are enough for a second visit maybe even a third!
8 Mar 2004

Lance Driver from Pyrmont
The wet t-shirt competitions make this place, especially when there's a chill in the air!! yeah yeah...
17 Feb 2004

Donna from Essex
Buzzing bar boss
27 Oct 2003

Gem from Back in sad old england
Wicked!! such a top place full of chilled peeps, especially Gunther!
24 Jul 2003

ben from bondi-no really
great spot at 10am for free sausage sizzle on sunday morning after you just get home from partying.chilled dj that avo as well
19 Jul 2003

del from surry hills
agree with kelly 100%. too many private school kids acting as if they grew up in a commune outside byron. get over yourselves.
7 Jul 2003

kelly from bondi
this is the place for the pretend bondi locals. everyone in this place acts as if they live here and they can't believe "how sold out bondi is man, and you know dude, it would be sooo much better if the tourists left us alone to live in bondi the way it use to be. oh yeah, and no train station, and no olympics volleyball because that would really reck the place." What recks bondi is the bullshit attitude of these wannabes, and they all congregate at this pub
7 Jul 2003

mark from bondi
i am not jack osbourne
7 Jul 2003

spiro from castle hill
good place for a stink. birds are good but too up emselves. agree with johnny, if you want a blue this is it bro
7 Jul 2003

Astrogirl from Manly - Sydney
I love the beach road hotel thursday nights and sunday nights are great, up and coming aussie djs and live sets and bands.. Chilled out or pumped up depending if you want to dance!
20 May 2003

Johnny from London
Wicked pub mate! Proper Stella on tap, good looking sheila's and the chance of fisty cuffs at the end of the night. TOP DOLLAR!
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DJs:  TV: several screens in the downstairs bar
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