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At the time of writing, the user comments feature is NOT open to anonymous access, but logged in users are able to use pseudonyms for display purposes. This allows posters to freely express their views without fear of reprisal, but allows to trace back comments to a particular account, and therefore a particular email address and IP address. Should you find a comment which offends, please contact us and let us know where on the site you found it. Be aware that in some cases we will require proof of identity from you before we can remove this content. In the case of plainly illegal or excessively offensive content, removal is immediate. In the case of identity abuse, proof of identity will be required.

If you are a pub owner or manager and you disagree with a comment posted, we would expect you to make a case fitting to the standard of the comment in question, on headed paper by fax or mail. By 'fitting to the comment', we mean that to refute a simple bad review you will have to demonstrate that the conditions outlined in the review are no longer, or never were, the case. Obviously incorrect or directly offensive comments require less stringent proof. There is no need to go straight to your lawyer - don't waste your money, contact us first. If you then disagree with us, feel free to bring out the big guns.

Editorial discretion is a reserved right of

Listing policy lists pubs. For this purpose, we define a pub as licenced premises to which public access is available, with no membership requirement and whose primary business is serving of drinks.

This means we don't currently list RSL clubs or members clubs, or licenced restaurants where you must order food to get a drink, or theatres such as The Metro or Enmore Theatres. However we may make exceptions from time to time for premises which we feel merit inclusion as a stand-out venue, such as in the case of Soup Plus and The Gaelic Club

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This site is plainly not meant for kids - It's aimed at adults 18 years and over. In view of this, we do not have a strict policy on the use of explicit language, either in our own content or in users' submitted content, anonymous or otherwise. We draw the line at an arbitrary, imaginary limit defined as "would you get away with it in the pub?". This policy is of course open to interpretation. If you're offended in any way, please make a case for yourself by email and we'll come to an agreement.


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