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Sydney Pub Features

Pubs For Tourists

Where to go on a Whistle-stop tour

So, you’ve arrived in the world’s most beautiful city. You want to make the most of your evenings, have a few beers, enjoy yourself and experience as much as you can of the delights Sydney has to offer. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

So, what are you looking for? Well, it’ll need to be in an area with plenty of interest. Central Sydney is the obvious area, though Bondi is a tourist haven, as are Manly and the coastal areas.

There are some gems in the historic Rocks area, particular pubs of interest may include the Lord Nelson, The Fortune Of War and The Hero Of Waterloo, all Historic pubs from the old Sydney. You may want to get a good view, maybe some alfresco dining. The first choice there would be the Watson’s Bay Hotel, where you can eat seafood and sip Chardonnay while gazing into the Harbour as the sun makes its way west.

Perhaps you’re looking for more action? Backpackers have hundreds of places to choose from, but the most popular meeting spots for those traveling light include Scubar (in the basement of the YHA hostel near Central), Scruffy Murphy’s, and for those at the beach, The Bondi Hotel. The last two in particular are late openers and perennial places for finding folks to continue your travels with, or even just to swap horror stories. Speaking of the beach, after visiting the Northern Beaches, you should probably consider stopping off at the Steyne in Manly for a few cold ones to soothe your sunburned, sand-coated body.

A serene afternoon in the botanic gardens may soothe ravaged nerves, and popping down to Woolloomooloo afterwards for a bite and a beer would be rewarding. Most visitors gravitate directly to the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel, though those in search of more eclectic delights should try Harry’s Café De Wheels for their food, then get a beer down ya. Or vice versa. Of course, no tourist can claim a visit to Sydney is complete without taking in some of the bright lights and seedy shadows of King’s Cross. The Bourbon and Beefsteak is an eyecatching target, being the cross’s most famous bar. It’s also 24 hours, for those with jetlag.

So our quick whistle-stop tour of pubs for tourists is done. Have a good holiday! Feel free to comment on this article here. When we update the article, your views will affect the pubs we suggest! Featured article by Jason Brown



Beer ... a high and mighty liquor. : Julius Caesar - more quotes...
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