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Sydney Pub Features

Whose shout is it anyway?

A day in the life of a shout according to Josh Hamilton

Story by Joshua Hamilton

One thing that Australians are big on is the Shout, where one man or woman goes to the bar and buys each of his or her mates a drink, and the next round someone else will get the Shout, it continues around the table until everyone has bought each other a drink.

This sounds a lot simpler than it is. For example; You go into a pub with a mate(say Viv), you (Pleasance) might say to Viv "My Shout". Viv will reply with a drink order, let's say for curiositiy's sake a bacardi breezer. You would then proceed to the bar, obtain the desired Bacardi breezer as well as your own drink and head back to your friend and start drinking. It is expected the next round that Viv will offer and buy the next shout, the shouting alternates hopefully finishing even.

This is where it gets a bit tricky. Say you spot a group of your friends in the pub and go over to them, you might be asked by one or two in the group (who themselves may or may not be involved already in a shout) "Do you want a drink?" How should you reply? You ask yourself. "Well how drunk do I want to get?" You could answer, "I'm right, I'm in a shout with with Viv. Or you could answer, "Are you guys in a shout?" If he or she answers "No" you could suggest that he or she should join your shout (he or she may inquire as to how many are involved in your shout, because this person does not want to end up having to buy everyone of Viv's friends a drink, this person wants more drinks shouted to him then he would shout back).

Are you starting to understand the ways of a Shout?

If he or she answers "Yes we are in a shout", look at it as above, because you do not want to end up buying everyone in his or her group a drink if you only want to have a couple, its a damn waste of Money, but if you can get their group to buy most of the rounds, and buy them a couple back, then you are a genius.

Here is a table to show how a standard shout works. (V), will represent Viv, while (P) will represent Pleasance (P)Shouts(V) a drink = (V) drinking for free Then (V)Shouts(P) a drink = (P) drinking for free

In conclusion (V) & (P) are even, they have bought each other a drink. A table for group shouts and how to get away with drinking, with only buying the group a couple will be posted shortly. But I will finish the story with a few things to remember & follow

1> Do not get involved in a shout if you're not going to shout back(but if you're cheap who cares)
2> Do not leave a shout if you haven't shouted those who shouted you.
3> If you have to leave early shout those who shouted you before you go.
4> It is not custom for the female population to shout, unless it is a good friend, parent etc, but please guys listen, you buy if she is your girl or a hot new prospect



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