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Armed raid at Colvelly Hotel (Atrax)

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SydneyPubGuide review : Chopper's Nuts

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Your FAQs

some frequently asked questions answered

There are plenty of questions we get asked over and over, so we figured we'd drop in a quick FAQ section.

1. Can you find me a bar job?
No, we can't find you a bar job. Firstly, we're not an employment agency. Sure, we've looked into a job listing page before now, but it's just not viable at present. Secondly, most of these questions come from folks from abroad. It's unlikely you folks already have RSA certification. You can find out more on how to get it by visiting NSW Tafe.

2. Why do you have pubs listed with no reviews
A few possible reasons may apply. a) we may have all address details and a picture, but no review. b) we may have reviewed very recently and are just awaiting the review coming in. c) It may be a relatively important venue, so it's there so that users can comment. It may even be a combination of the three, or a simple oversight on our part.

3. Do you make a lot of money/Get a lot of free drinks?
HaHaHaHa. No, we actually spend a lot more than we make. Hosting alone costs well over $100 per month, then there's ongoing expenses, beer money, cab fares and berocca to pay for. You thought we made money? ha! And no, the banner ads don't come anywhere near covering it. At the moment we're doing this mostly for the love of it. And for the beer, of course.

4. Can you come and review my pub tonight?
Well, if we're in the area we may well be able to. However we do need a little more notice than 'tonight'. We may have to cancel something else. We may have to arrange a designated driver. And we may never even make it - when heading out for a serious review evening we do tend to get heavily sidetracked - after all, these are pubs we're talking about. So no, we can't always promise an exact time when we'll visit. We usually prefer it that way, usually arriving anonymously then introducing ourselves later. If you knew we were coming we'd never get away with that. We will however, drop a calling card when we stop by.

5. Why no maps?
We recently negotiated maps through a partner. We're now in the process of developing the map functionality.



Most people hate the taste of beer to begin with. It is however a prejudice that many have been able to overcome. : Winston Churchill - more quotes...
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