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About is a democratically run website on pubs, bars and clubs in Sydney. Democratically? Yes, one man, one vote. Jason is that man, he has the vote.

When started out, there were two head honchos, Jason and Josh. Josh went off to acting college and couldn't put in the time required to keep the thing running, so Jason took over.

Since then, there's been a succession of contributors who have come and gone in turn. Thanks go out to, among others, Sophie, Trent, Tim, Viv, Plez, Kirk, Chris and Justin, Ross, Will and pretty much anybody who's trailed around following Jason from pub to pub like a pinball machine on multiball. If this seems like your sort of night out, new contributors are always welcome, especially if they can stand their round like anyone else.

A word from Jason

The original purpose of the guide was two-fold. One, it would get us out and about and give us a chance to explore some bits of Sydney we weren't all that likely to see if we just stayed at the local. Second, it would hopefully make us a little bit of money and snag us the odd free drink here and there, maybe with a bowl of fries on the side.

So far, it's been far more a labour of love than a money-making prospect, but we have managed to get a few free beers out of it, so that's OK.

These days (writing on 16 April 2005), the pubguide has been getting round about 5000 page views per day, which is good. I expect that number to dip due to our recent server outage, then pick back up again and hopefully to rise even further.


It's been a wild ride since that evening in The Back Bar when Josh and I decided to start this oddyssey into the unknown and sometimes slightly insane world of Sydney Pubbing. I've maxed out credit cards, crashed servers, bought rounds for weirdos, spent upwards of $15,000 of my own cash, ridden a mountain bike for hundreds of kilometres in search of watering holes, fallen down stairs, been thrown out, thrown in and thrown over, spent countless hours typing my fingers to the bone and raised schooner after schooner in my own brand of occasionally gonzo pub journalism. My liver is now filing for divorce, but I'm sure it'll come round after another drink.

Join me. I want new blood. I can't promise the world, but I can promise you'll spend a lot of time in pubs, which is the next best thing. I want people who are willing to go to a pub, look round, drink some beers, talk to the punters and, most importantly, write about it afterwards. I'm also looking for financial support; Pub Owners, I'm looking at you. I'm going to stick my neck out and hire a part-time advertising manager and he's going to be giving you a call. I mean it!

Among other things, I'm also looking for: A company who can print t-shirts, a company who will give me free calling cards, a company that can sponsor our web hosting and anyone who's willing to be part of my next blockbuster: - Phase 3: this time it's personal!




I've stopped drinking, but only while I'm asleep. : George Best - more quotes...
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